Mount Gay Eclipse Gold Rum 6x 5cl

Mount Gay Eclipse Gold Rum 6x 5cl




 Mount Gay Eclipse Rum Mini Bottles Showcasing the distinctly powerful, flavourful and spicy rum tastings from Barbados, a Mount Gay Rum 5cl surprisingly serves up rum with a mild to moderate punch. The Mount Gay Eclipse Rum, in particular, embodies a well-balanced character which is very much unlike its predictably rough counterparts shamelessly showing off their ragged edges. Like most rums out there, however, Mount Gay Rum mini bottles open up to a strong bouquet of florals and spices initially not ideal for sniffing but then, eventually mellows down to the impeccable sweetness of vanilla accentuated by the delicate smell of honey. The palate is characterised to be well-rounded, carrying all of the tasty flavours anyone can expect from a rum -- spicy, fruity, smokey and sweet all at the same time. The drink finishes with lingering warmth and leaves an aftertaste of toasted oak. Mount Gay Rum miniatures are presented in small, transparent bottles that bear all the labels found in a regular-sized package. These are easily customisable and are ideal for gifting and giving away as favours. Since a Mount Gay Rum small bottle serves a generally non-overpowering spirit, this mini serving is great for sampling and are very approachable, even for the untrained palate.

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Weight: 0.5 kg
ABV: 40% ABV
Size: 5cl
Country of Origin: Country Origin Barbados
Presentation: Presentation: Glass Bottle