Aunt May-s Chopped Bajan Seasoning 340g

Aunt May’s Chopped Bajan Seasoning 340g


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Aunt May’s Chopped Bajan Seasoning 340g. Get the taste of Barbados, with this chopped seasoning from Aunt May's, a classic of Caribbean  flavours.

Ideal for seasoning your choice of fish, meat or poultry and plant based dishes

Ingredients: Onions, Onion Flakes, Water, Chives, Salt, Sugar, Hot Pepper, Ground Black Pepper, Ground Clove, Ginger, Ground White Pepper, Ground Marjoram, Granulated Garlic, Ground Celery, Ground Oregano, Ground Parsley, Ground Thyme, Ground Nutmeg, Glacial Acetic Acid


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Size: 340 g
Country of Origin: Country Origin Barbados
Presentation: Presentation: Glass Bottle